As announced a few weeks back, our candidates for a scholarship have now been determined and are hoping to find a sponsor:

Last month, the oldest students in Prek Dambang and the villages around our school received their high-school grades.

We have been offering high school graduates who would otherwise not be able to afford a course of study the chance to apply for a scholarship for a few years now. We had invited interested students to meetings again and again during the last three months and not only asked them about their family situation, but also discussed with them what they would like to study and why.

Of the students who have already received scholarships from us and who are currently studying in Phnom Penh, several visited the English school and gave short presentations. The purpose of these lectures was to explain to the new applicants why they chose a particular course of study and what they should bear in mind when studying in general and the subject in question.

Six of our twelve applicants for a scholarship already have sponsors from their school days who have agreed to support them during their studies. We would like to congratulate them very much. The remaining six candidates are still waiting for someone to support them. Please follow THIS LINK to see the complete list.

If you would like to give a talented young adult the chance to study yourself or if you know companies and foundations that are dedicated to supporting young people in developing countries, please send us a message to and we will get back to you as soon as possible!