Blog – New scholarship holders 2018

Although public schools are on break right now, the time after August is pretty busy for us year after year. This is due to the fact that the oldest students write their high school exams in the beginning of August and then have to know by October what and at which university they want to study.

Our scholarship program and the annual search for new candidates for this program, however, begins a few weeks before. Namely, exactly when we invite interested grade 12 students to a first meeting with us. At this meeting Khemara and Michael present the scholarship program and explain the criteria we use to award scholarships as well as the application process. Each participant will then fill out a registration form which helps us to create a list of potential candidates.

Some of you will probably wonder why such a meeting takes place before it is even clear who has passed their high school exams. This is because high school grades are usually not available until mid-September. However, many study courses or preparation classes for these courses begin in October and November. After high school grades have been announced, everything must thus happen very quickly.

Our first meeting with our potential scholarship holders is therefore not just about registration formalities. They also focus on making it very clear to the candidates that they have to decide what and at which university they want to study. And that they must find out about admission criteria, deadlines for registration as well as the amount of tuition to be paid. Considering the dozens of universities and fields of study available in Phnom Penh nowadays, this is by no means an easy task.

We therefore invite the applicants to a second meeting that focuses on further preparing them for their studies. During this meeting, scholarship holders from previous years visit the school and present their study programme as well as the university they are studying at. The pictures are from this second meeting. In addition to a general lecture on “University Life”, there were presentations on “Social Work”, “Information Technology (IT)”, “Architecture”, “Chemistry Engineering” and “International Business Management”. We are very happy that so many of our scholarship holders have volunteered to provide some much-needed guidance to our potential new students and to show them what they have to consider at the beginning of their studies. A big thanks to Socheata, Pisal, Soviseth, Thim, Sovann, Sovandent and Boutros for their commitment!

If you are interested in supporting a student this year, you should follow our Facebook page and our newsletter closely during the next weeks. We are still waiting for some results, but we will be able to publish the profiles of this year’s candidates in October at the latest.