As announced a few weeks back, our candidates for a scholarship have now been determined and are hoping to find a sponsor: Last month, the oldest students in Prek Dambang and the villages around our school received their high-school grades. We have been offering high school graduates who would otherwise not be able to afford […]

Introduction of new classroom rules at our school

What to do with children who permanently disturb the lessons or who litter in the classroom?  In Cambodia, unfortunately, corporal punishment is still applied too often in such cases. This is shown by a UNICEF report on violence against children in Cambodia from 2014: “Teachers are also frequent perpetrators of childhood physical violence. Females and […]

Day trip to Kirirom:

Jutta and Laura were on the road with their classes recently and Laura (thanks a lot) was kind enough to write a guest post for our blog: After Jutta and I have been teaching for some time here at the school in Cambodia and our stay is coming to an end soon, one thing became […]


National Highway No. 6 – A street changes its „appearance“ It´s easy to get a ride on one of the small buses (a sort of collective transport) that go to Phnom Penh, because all National Highways begin and end in the capital of Cambodia. And it´s a very special highway: sometimes motorbikes drive on the […]

Jutta’s Blog – Part 1

Everyday volunteer life Approximately 36 km north of Phnom Penh on the National Road 6 (direction Siem Reap) is the “Khemara Kidshelp School”. Until 2012 the school had 8 classrooms, of which 2 are located in the entrance and outside area. In 2012 an additional building with 2 additional classrooms was built, so that between […]

The First “Kidshelp Intern” @ DHL Cambodia

If you have been following us for the past few years, you would have already noticed our frequent joint initiatives with Deutsche Post DHL. This is owed to the fact that quite a few of our members are current or former employees of the company and that these people have shown extraordinary commitment when it […]

New uniforms for our school children

Thanks to the RTL Foundation we were able to purchase new uniforms for the most needy of the children at our English School in January. In public schools, such uniforms are compulsory. Since families have to bear the cost of buying the clothes themselves, the uniforms of children from poorer backgrounds are often worn out […]