Dental care february 2017

Some of you might remember, that we had initiated trainings on dental hygiene at our English school some time ago. In order to establish a routine, we did refresher courses with our youngest kids on last Monday. Thanks to the generous denotations by „Roomchang Dental Hospital – NagaWorld Phnom Penh – Hans-Günther Lechner – Marburger Bibelseminar and Zahnarztpraxis Dr med dent Anja Hoffmann”, we still had a good number of toothbrushes and toothpaste left, to cheer up the kids with these little gifts.
A very special thanks goes to Regula, a professional in dental hygiene from Switzerland, who volunteered to conduct the trainings and the dentistry students from Phnom Penh who supported her. Thanks to their efforts, we were able to design and distribute flyers in Khmer to the children’s parents, inviting them to join for an additional session directed at themselves. To be honest, our expectations regarding the parents really showing up for this were quite low, as we had invited them for different things in the past and had limited success. But on this Monday and to everyone’s surprise, not only 20 parents and grandparents joined for the training, but also our Kidhelp student from the dental school, was joined by 5 of his colleagues, who assisted Regula during the sessions. It really was a pleasure to watch this joint effort to tackle the issue. Let us again express our gratitude to Regula and the dentistry students, who hopefully ensured that dental hygiene is now a little higher on the priority list of parents and children living in our community.