Volunteer Diary – Matthias – Part 3

Olympic Games at the school

Sport is an important way for kids and teenagers to balance themselves. Especially our students that visit public school in the morning, learn English at our school in the afternoon and join additional language courses like Chinese on the weekend, need space to unload their energy. Being able to furthermore combine sports with classes makes not only the students happy but also the teachers.

Last week, the two former volunteers Raven and Leona paid us a visit. So we thought of doing a special project with the students. Since we wanted to do something that is very engaging, it was easy to agree on the topic “Olympic Games”. And although most of our students had never heard about this event, they immediately showed a lot of interest.

On the first day we focused on the theoretical side of the games. With the older students we focused on the history of the Olympic Games originating from ancient Greece while also talking about different types of sports. Playing a few pantomime games helped us to add some fun to the theory. With the younger classes we concentrated on a creative approach to the topic. All students had the possibility to design their own Olympic Medals.

During the next two days we continued with the athletic part. As a part of one of multiple teams, all students had to master four different sport challenges: football, relay race, high jump and long throw. With a lot of enthusiasm, the students scored plenty of goals, jumped over ropes with ease, ran a lot of meters barefoot and threw little balls over the rice field. Across all competitions they did not only show willingness but also team spirit. Even some of the teachers presented previously unknown athletic talents.

We are very happy about the success of our project and will surely integrate more sport activities in the regular lessons.

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