Volunteer Diary – Matthias – Part 1

How time flies. By now it’s already been one and a half months since I arrived in Cambodia and I just feel completely happy. Neither a culture shock nor any other problems with acclimatising myself have bothered me so far. I owe this to all the people that welcomed me in such a warm fashion.

After having taken part in as many classes as possible to get an impression on how the lessons work, I now teach my own classes at the school with great pleasure. Although age and English level differ between students, they are all connected by one thing: their permanent cheerfulness. This also rubs off on me; obviously.

Besides the normal classes I also started to give guitar lessons. More than ten students are motivated to practice with me every day. To cater to the high demand, I successfully did a little fundraiser among relatives and friends. Their generous support enabled me to purchase new instruments for every child that wants to play. Our aim now is to organize a little concert for the whole school.

Together with our former volunteer Anastasia we also started a pen-pal project between students in Cambodia and Germany. Twenty students already wrote beautifully decorated letters that will soon find their way to Germany. I also had the pleasure to meet our students in Phnom Penh to conduct a workshop on the subject of “writing and responding to formal Emails”.

On the weekends, I enjoy the peace of the little village Loer Oet and explore its surroundings by bicycle together with Philipp, or I meet volunteers from other organizations in Phnom Penh. For the next weeks we already planned a field trip to a Buddhist temple and a letter workshop for our students. I will keep you posted.

Cheers, Matthias


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