All relevant information at a glance

Usually our volunteers stay for half a year. For various reasons we believe that any commitment should be at least for three months.

Other requirements

You should:

  • be at least 18 years old
  • have good English skills
  • enjoy working with children and young people
  • be social, flexible and creative
  • be interested in a different culture
  • stay at least for 3 months, ideally for 6 months
  • be open for Cambodian cuisine

Your tasks

The main task of our volunteers is teaching English. Our main focus at the moment is on the children classes. The children should learn the essentials of the English language in an active and playful manner. You will get a profound introduction before you start to make the start as easy as possible for you.

Apart from that, we also organize leisure time activities for the children. For example last year we organized a project week and guitar classes. Of course all kinds of trips are also always very welcome.

We are trying to give our children a holistic support and we are happy to see when volunteers support us with their gifts and interests. We would like to offer more different workshops in the future.


You will stay directly at the school together with the family of our principal Khemara, where we have two rooms and a small bathroom for our volunteers.


During the week you will get three meals a day at the school.

As not everyone enjoys rice for breakfast, there is also a fridge where you can store your own food.


You will have almost no costs during your stay at the school. We provide the accomodation and all our volunteers can eat at the school for free.

Usually our volunteers go to Phnom Penh for the weekend, where they have to arrange their own meals and accomodation. Therefore you should count in some money for food and accomodation.


All volunteers who stay for 6 months will get a free NGO Visa. All others can easily get one at the airport.

Type: Regular Visa (formerly “Business Visa”)

Requirements: A passport that is valid for at least 6 months more; 1 passport photo; one valid credit card.

Duration of stay: At first 6 months, can be extended indefinitely.

Extension in Cambodia: Directly at the immigration office or via agents such as: LuckLucky Motorcycles Shop.

Costs: 1 month (about 30USD), 3 months (single entry, about 80 USD), 6 months (multiple entries, about 150 USD), 12 months (multiple entries, about 280 USD).

Please note that the fees for the visa can sometimes change on short notice.

The information above applies for German nationals and most EU citizens. Please refer to a Cambodian embassy in your country for information about other nationalities.