About Kidshelp

Kidshelp Kambodscha e.V. is a private, non-denominational and non-governmental charity established for the advancement of the situation of children, young adults and their families in Cambodia. We are convinced that quality education is a key factor to achieve this. Due to the country’s recent history being overshadowed by civil war and economic instability, the state of the education system in Cambodia is very poor. This poses a tremendous challenge to the country since there are many young Cambodians eager to enter the labour market who lack the level of education that is needed to access decent jobs.

We think that establishing a good educational system and enabling more people to access it, will not only contribute to securing the livelihoods of many families, but will also provide Cambodia’s new generation with the means to grow on a personal level.

This is why most of our projects focus on improving the educational situation. We do this by creating educational opportunities like the Khemara Kidshelp School and our residential homes for students, while making it easier for children and youth coming from poor, rural communities to access these facilities by providing them with scholarships.

We have since our founding in 2005 maintained the same principles and continue to focus our efforts on Prek Tamak and Prek Dambang, two rural communities about 40km north of Phnom Penh.

Kidshelp-Kambodscha e.V. is registered as a charity in Germany and as international NGO in Cambodia. We are independent of any economic interest, political ideology or religion.

Transparency is important to us. You can and you should always be able to trace where your donations are going and which projects are being realised thanks to your help. This is why we provide, not only regular updates but also gladly answer your questions regarding the work of our charity.

Our charity is a non-profit organisation. Our staff in Germany work on a voluntary basis. The funds of our association are used exclusively for statutory purposes.

Jens NowotnyWe are extremely pleased that Jens Nowotny, a former German international footballer, has agreed to act as Honorary Patron of Kidshelp-Kambodscha e.V.

“In Kidshelp Kambodscha I have found a non-profit organisation that helps where it is needed the most: it helps children. Its executive board, as well as the staff in Cambodia, go the extra mile to make sure that all funds are spent properly and purposefully. I am glad to support Kidshelp Kambodscha with my name and my personal commitment.”