Frequently Asked Questions

We get frequent requests from sponsors and interested members. The most frequently asked questions we have compiled on this site.

How does Kidshelp Kambodscha e.V. select the sponsored children?

Since the beginning of our activities in Cambodia we have worked in the same villages. Our local employees come from these villages and our school is located in the same area. Our staff members are well connected in the region so they usually notice early when help is needed. We operate in close cooperation with the local authorities and it is important for us that we coordinate our work with them. Some of our sponsored children are identified to us by the Village or Commune Chief.

Can I chose a child I want to support?

All interested sponsors can tell us their preferred age (minimum school age) and/or sex. If there is a child that needs sponsorship that matches the sponsors preference, we will identify the match to the sponsor. If you do not have any preferences, we will choose a child for you. The proposal for sponsorship will be sent to you by e-mail. The proposed sponsor is free to decide whether he or she wants to accept sponsorship for the suggested child.

Are there any costs beside the sponsorship?

We do not require any payments in addition to the sponsorship although some sponsors provide additional gifts for clothing or school items around annual graduation in January when executive members visit the villages. Sponsorship usually ends when the child graduates from school or decides not to complete their schooling. If  a sponsored child is considered suitable for a university education, we will try to find a sponsorship for university. The school sponsor can choose to continue with the study sponsorship or, if  it is not possible to continue sponsoring the child, the association will look for a new sponsor(s).

All of our projects require staff and infrastructure in Cambodia and we are therefore happy when sponsors also sign up for a supporting membership of the association.

Do I get regular reports of my sponsored child or student?

When you apply for a sponsorship, you will get a report with information about the child, the family and the general situation. You can ask for an updated report once a year if you wish to know the current situation.

If you support a university student, you will receive an annual report with all the necessary information about the student, a photo and their performance at university.

Can I send letters or packages to my sponsored child?

We try our best to take as many letters as possible whenever anyone of the association travels to Cambodia. Chances are also quite good that you may receive a photo of your sponsored child.

From time to time other sponsors offer to take letters when they travel to Cambodia. We can always pass on these offers, but Kidshelp Kambodscha cannot take any responsibility for the letters in these cases.

Due to recent events: Please do not send any cash money in your letters or packages.

Our address in Cambodia:
Kidshelp Kambodscha e.V.
Mr. Hun Tharith (+855 98797164)
P.O. Box 1618,  Phnom Penh
Kingdom of Cambodia

Please inform us before you send anything to our P.O Box.

Can I visit my sponsored child/university student?

We are happy for everyone who wants to visit our projects in Cambodia. Our employees in Cambodia are happy to help you with you visit and take you to your sponsored child or your sponsored university student

Please let us know of your planned visit in good time by writing an e-mail to: You should give us the dates when you are planning your visit. You can arrange everything else with our staff in Cambodia who will also pick you up at your hotel.

Is it possible to meet other sponsors personally?

Since 2007 we organize an information day every 2 years. We will announce the dates on time on our homepage, on Facebook and by e-mail. We use this day to share some photos – sometimes even films – of our work and life in Cambodia, to meet you in person and so on.

We try to organize annual information days generally in summer. We publish dates, times and location on our homepage, Facebook and by e-mail. We use these events to share photos, films, project updates and plans on our work and life in Cambodia and are often supported through attendance of past volunteers. We welcome existing and potential sponsors, new ideas and the opportunity to share our association.

Why do most of the children not smile on the photos?

This has to do with the Cambodian mentality. For them the photo for the sponsor is an important issue. They want to give a serious and reasonable impression and therefore they usually refuse to smile. It does not necessarily reflect their mood at the moment of taking the picture.

How do you use donations from supporting memberships, sponsorships and other donations?

We have two different bank accounts for Kidshelp Kambodscha e.V.

One is for the regular school and university sponsorships as well as other gifts or donations for specific children and students.  .

The second one is the membership account. All the membership fees and project donations go to this account. Some of this money is used for any running costs.

Incoming donation will be used according to the purpose that is intended by the sponsor. Donations without a specific purpose will be used for any other projects in Cambodia.

You will find our bank details here or in the imprint.

How much money goes to the child?

Each child receives 12 USD cash per month. The remaining money is used for urgent medical help, emergency aid, the cost for running the project, the salaries of our local staff or the continuation of payments when a sponsor is unexpectedly forced to withdraw.

What is the typical Cambodian school structure?

Some children start kindergarten around the age of four, which is similar to pre-school. Actually it is much more similar to a pre-school. The children spend most of their time learning the extensive Cambodian alphabet.

Around the age of six, most children start with primary school until grade six. They continue with secondary school for another three years. Compulsory schooling ends after this if the child does not continue with high school. Their schooling ends with a diploma.

High school takes another three years and ends with a high diploma after graduating from year twelve. To get this diploma, all students have to go to their provincial capital for two days and participate in a comprehensive central high school diploma exam.

After that they may have the opportunity to study at one of the various universities. Most study courses are predominantly in English. Depending on the subject the studies take between four years or more. Most students study for four years to get a bachelor degree after which they can continue for another two years to get their master.
All traditional schools are free of charge. Universities are not free of charge. However, many students attend extra classes that are offered by the teachers after the regular classes for a fee. Since 2013 the high school diploma exams strictly supervised, which has resulted in a high failure rate every year. This and the low salaries of the teachers make the extra- classes absolutely crucial for all students who want to pass the final exams.

Cambodia still suffers from a very high school drop-out rate and about 35% of the students leave school before finishing primary school.


The logo of Kidshelp Kambodscha e.V. is composed of two elements. The rice ears on the one hand stand for the most important source of food in Asian countries and thus also in Cambodia. They symbolise the need for daily and regular meals for all people and stand for our goal to fight hunger among the poorest in Cambodia with our work and your help.
Secondly, the logo consists of the rising sun in the Cambodian national colours. It stands for the beginning of something new, for change and a new start and symbolises the dawn of a new, better day for the children of Cambodia.