Kidshelp Cambodia – England

Due to local tax requirements and especially controls over foreign entities operating bank accounts in United Kingdom, a local “Unincorporated Association”, Kidshelp Cambodia -England was registered on 12th March, 2017.

Registered address in UK:

  • 2 Farewell Hall West Farm, Darlington Road, Durham, DH1 3SX, United Kingdom.

On 3rd January 2018, HM Revenue & Customs confirmed that based on information provided, Kidshelp Cambodia – England is a charity for tax purposes in line with Paragraph 1 of Schedule 6 Finance Act 2010 effective from 23rd October, 2017.

For detailed updates of the work of the NGO team in Cambodia, please see Quarterly Reports under FORMS & DOCUMENTS.

If after learning about the work of Kidshelp you wish to sponsor a school child, please complete “Offer for sponsorship of a child” and email to or post to the registered address above and we will work with the team in Cambodia to identify a suitable child of a family requiring financial support.

If you wish to sponsor a university student, please email and we will let you know details of students requiring sponsorship. We normally identify a group of students before the start of each academic year (September) but occasionally existing sponsors find they are not able to continue sponsorship and new sponsors must be found, so do enquire at any time.

If you wish to make an ad hoc donation towards the work of Kidshelp please email for details of our UK bank account or send a cheque made payable to Kidshelp Cambodia – England to our registered address above.

If you are a UK tax payer and complete a Charity Gift Aid Declaration, we will be able to file a tax claim in UK, meaning for every £1.00 donated we will, after tax claim receive £1.25.


Charity Gift Aid Declaration

Offer for sponsorship of a child [Microsoft Word]

Offer for sponsorship of a child [PDF]