Our work

school sponsorship

With our personal sponsorship for school children you can allow one child in Cambodia to go to school regularly. If you are interested in supporting one child in Cambodia directly, you can do it for 17,-€ per month. The child will be supported directly with 12,- US$ monthly. The remaining amount is used to cover the cost for implementing the sponsorship programme on the ground.

STUDENT Sponsorship

If you are interested in supporting a young and talented Cambodian further, you can do it with our sponsorships for university students. If our students want to study at university, they have to go to Phnom Penh, where they have the chance to live and study with other students at one of our students dorms. Apart from the living costs, they also have to pay fees at university.


If you want to support our work financially, you can do it in form of a one-time donation or by our supporting membership. Even though we try our best to keep our costs as low as possible and a lot of our work is done by volunteers, our projects would not be possible without the financial support of our members.

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