Day trip to Kirirom:

Jutta and Laura were on the road with their classes recently and Laura (thanks a lot) was kind enough to write a guest post for our blog: After Jutta and I have been teaching for some time here at the school in Cambodia and our stay is coming to an end soon, one thing became […]


National Highway No. 6 – A street changes its „appearance“ It´s easy to get a ride on one of the small buses (a sort of collective transport) that go to Phnom Penh, because all National Highways begin and end in the capital of Cambodia. And it´s a very special highway: sometimes motorbikes drive on the […]

Jutta’s Blog – Part 1

Everyday volunteer life Approximately 36 km north of Phnom Penh on the National Road 6 (direction Siem Reap) is the “Khemara Kidshelp School”. Until 2012 the school had 8 classrooms, of which 2 are located in the entrance and outside area. In 2012 an additional building with 2 additional classrooms was built, so that between […]

Volunteer Diary – Matthias – Part 3

Olympic Games at the school Sport is an important way for kids and teenagers to balance themselves. Especially our students that visit public school in the morning, learn English at our school in the afternoon and join additional language courses like Chinese on the weekend, need space to unload their energy. Being able to furthermore […]

Volunteer Diary – Matthias – Part 2

Field Trip 25.06.2017 More than 2500 years ago Buddha said: “Attachment is the root of all suffering.” Although the Cambodians I got to know do understandably not respect all the Buddhist rules you still feel the influence of this religion in the daily life of the people. There is a fundamental satisfaction even though their […]

*M E R R Y C H R I S T M A S*

Dear friends, donors and those who are interested in Kidshelp Kambodscha e.V., Lea, our volunteer made a very nice video to thank you for all the support we got in 2016. Our work in Cambodia would not be possible withour your help. THANK YOU SO MUCH! We wish you all a merry Christmas and a good start for 2017. We hope […]