Khath Khemara

Kath Khemara went to a Cambodian high school until 1998 and started her teacher’s training in the same year. In 2000 she passed the exam to become a primary school teacher. In 2007 she started her studies at university in Phnom Penh which she successfully completed with a bachelor degree  in 2011. For her studies she had to travel to Phnom Penh every weekend besides her work at the public school during the week. In 2009 she started teaching chemistry at the high school in Prek Dambang where she has been working until this very day.

Kath Khemara lives in Loer Oet village in our English school together with her two children.

Even though she already has many private and job-related duties, she took up  her master’s studies in 2014 and finished her MA in English in 2016.

Her work for Kidshelp-Kambodscha e.V. in Cambodia:

Khath Khemara has been working for our NGO in Cambodia since the midyear of 2007. Since 2009 she has been supporting the rest of our team regarding the payments of the sponsorship in Prek Tamak and Prek Dambang and serves as a contact for the families and the children. She also translates the sponsor’s letters from English into Khmer for the children. Furthermore, she knows the local families and their situation like no one else.  Hence, she is usually our first contact person for new godchildren or any questions concerning our supported children and their families.

Since the resignation of Sen Phakdey, she has also been the principal of our school. Therefore, the school’s name was changed to  “Khemara Kidshelp School.” She manages the school and accompanies all activities for the improvement of the classes in cooperation with our expat employees. Especially when it comes to organization and all tasks concerning human resources she does an irreplaceable job.

Her wishes for the future:

Khemara is deeply rooted in the  Prek Dambang area and hopes that she can continue taking part in the improvement of the people’s standard of living and their chances  in their community. The English school is of special concern for her and she has already helped the school to improve a lot.

Besides, she is always aware of the importance of improving her own qualifications. We are happy to have her as a hard-working employee. Not least because of her social skills, she is an irreplaceable part of our work.